Cannot import LLVM test-suite results to the database using LNT tool


I follow quick-start guide to
run LLVM test-suite. It looks like I either make a mistake or the
guide is not correct.

Here is the command used to run nightly test:
$ lnt runtest nt --sandbox=$PWD/test-suite.bld \
    --small --test-style=nightly \
    --cc=$PWD/llvm.bld/Release+Asserts/bin/clang \
    --cxx=$PWD/llvm.bld/Release+Asserts/bin/clang++ \
    --test-suite=$PWD/test-suite.svn \
    --llvm-src=$PWD/llvm.svn \
    --llvm-obj=$PWD/llvm.bld \
    -j4 --cflag="-march=core2" --mcpu=core2

The test suite runs fine but import is failed:
Importing 'tmp9UX1UC.json'
Import Failed: