canonical way to incorporate an lldb option

Hey all,

Let’s say I have an option I’d like to expose at runtime. For example, I’m about to start experimenting with having Linux use llgs under the hood for local debugging, much like MacOSX/Darwin local debugging. I won’t want this on all the time (at least not yet) for Linux, and I’d like to toggle it between runs. Finally, I’d like to be able to set it in an .lldbinit file or something similar.

What’s the standard way to add a switch like this? Is it, in effect, a platform option that I use a command for?

Thanks for any guidance!

Probably you can use ‘settings’. Try ‘help settings’ for more information.



"process launch" and "platform process launch" support a --plugin option. Set that to gdb-remote to tell the process you want to launch the remote not the built-in process on Linux. On platforms that support both debugserver & llgs (i.e. someday soon OSX) you would need a setting for which remote agent to launch. But since llgs is the only option on linux, you could just hard-code it to use that.


Ah okay. Thanks, Jim!

Abid, thanks for pointing me to settings.