Can't AffineNormalize the desired loops only

Hello all!
What should I do if I don’t want pass AffineLoopNormalizePass to affect all loops and functions in the project, but only those that I want to be normalized? It would be suitable to use void normalizeAffineFor(AffineForOp op) for this purpose, but it is hidden by ‘static’ qualifier and I can’t call it… Is it possible to make this useful function non-static and place its prototype to any interface header file (for example \mlir\include\mlir\Dialect\Affine\Passes.h)?

Absolutely. It should go into include/mlir/Dialect/Affine/Utils.h (instead of Passes.h).

Thank you! :pray:

Should I file this case as a bug?

It’s probably not useful to file this as a bug if this is something you need right away - you may want to just post a revision.