Can't build LLVM examples | unknown component name: jit

I have built LLVM & Clang according to the docs at

When I cd BUILD_DIR/examples and type make the system responds,

llvm-config: unknown component name: jit
make[1]: Entering directory `/work/make_llvm/examples/BrainF'
/work/llvm/Makefile.rules:1071: *** llvm-config --libs failed. Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/work/make_llvm/examples/BrainF'
make: *** [BrainF/.makeall] Error 2

Seems like there's no JIT support, or llvm-config can't find it. But
LLVM compiles with JIT support enabled by default according configure
--help, and I see at least one JIT related library called
libLLVMMCJIT.a in /work/my_llvm/lib.

How do I build the LLVM examples? Apparently there has been a
reorganisation of the JIT component in LLVM, and I'm told this example
may have been left behind.


-- Charlie

There was a short period where the jit had been removed, but the examples had not been updated.

I believe this should be fixed by:
r217031 - fixes for the llvm/examples.
r217032 - fixes for clang-interpreter.

if you are buuilding a later revision and still seeing problems, please let me know what platform and how you are configuring.