cc-analyzer: filtering out errors based on path


I was wondering if it is possible to filter out (exclude) analyzer
results based on the path, so you can tell it to filter out errors
belonging to certain path hierarchies ? As far as I can tell,
scan-build analyzes anything in your project that gets included by
'make', which isnt always what you want. For example, if you have a
project that includes a lot of 3rd party code, you may need to build
that code as dependencies for the 'core' of your project, without
immediately being interested in the errors in the 3rd party code, but
primarily just your 'core'.

Of course, I guess that theoretically you could create new specific
make targets that only build the dependencies (which you could build
without analysis) or only build the core (with analysis), but that may
not always be an easy solution.

This is not a completely hypothetical scenario, as I have been running
the analyzer on LibreOffice, and some of the dev's asked if it would
be possible to filter stuff out based on path.


John Smith.