Has anyone tried using ccache to speed up llvm testing?

Or maybe there is also some competing new tool?



Has anyone tried using ccache to speed up llvm testing?

Umm, what do you mean by "testing"? I've used ccache to help building from "clean" (particularly when building natively on slower low-power ARM machines) in order to shorten the test cycle. It worked quite well, with the issues primarily coming from "interactions" with other things:

1. If you're doing a ccache build tha'ts mostly unchanged you can bump up the number of parallel "complilations" but you generally need to stop too many links going on at the same time (due to LLVM/clang's size).

2. In t mostly unchanged state, ccache generally turns a CPU bound process into a storage-IO bound task.

But overall it's worthwhile _if_ you feel a need to rebuild from clean frequently.


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