cfe-dev Digest, Vol 102, Issue 19

Hi Piotr,

I cannot give you a full answer, just a small insight into the issue.

At the first sight, one could thing that the problem is clang-tidy
containining some checks that are only aliases (synonyms) to other checks,
e.g. BracesAroundStatementsCheck is both in readability and google modules,
similarly NamespaceCommentCheck is both in llvm and google.
But apparently, it's not the case, since, AFAI, modernize/UseOverrideCheck
is not aliased anywhere.

Given that it happens in headers (and only in headers that are included
from different translation units I guess (?)), it must be that the header
is checked, fixes are saved (but not applied immediately), the file is
checked again and the history repeats itself. Finally, the fixes from two
(or more) passes are applied.

IMO, the fault is either in clang-tidy framework or in the check.
Personally I vote for the former, as it shouldn't be the check authors'
Unless I am mistaken, there are checks that handle this repetitive fixes

Correct me if I am wrong.

Best regards,

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