cfe-dev Digest, Vol 164, Issue 59

Message 3:
Re: Clang integration to other tools
(Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu via cfe-dev)


I would use the .clang-format file in tools like:

  • Texas Instruments Code Composer
  • Eclipse
  • ARM Keil

Running it in Texas Instruments Code Composer is the priority for now.
In doing so, I would like to find out what options are available to run the clang format. This also under Windows.
Being new to this, I don’t even know how to bring the .clang-format file into Texas Instruments Code Composer.
And further, how do I get C files into Clang?
I am sending you my .clang-format file in the attachment.

Shirley :slight_smile:

clang-format (1) (1.35 KB)