cfe-dev Digest, Vol 17, Issue 57

Hi everyone.
I am using visual studio to compile the Clang. The compile output an error saying:
Error 60 error C2039: ‘Profile’ : is not a member of ‘llvm::ImmutableList’ llvm-2.4\include\llvm\ADT\FoldingSet.h 199

what is wrong with that? the declaration is:
struct FoldingSetTrait {
static inline void Profile(const T& X, FoldingSetNodeID& ID) { X.Profile(ID);}
static inline void Profile(T& X, FoldingSetNodeID& ID) { X.Profile(ID); }

very odd things…Can anyone explain what is wrong with that?

Hi Alex,

These error messages lead me to believe that you aren't using top-of-tree LLVM. Clang top-of-tree requires LLVM top-of-tree (not release 2.4, for example).