cfe patch sending question


I am new on the cfe mailing list and have one quesion about patch sending.

I checked the patch sending instructions from
which say that I should send patches as an attachment to commit mailing

But when I looked to patches in cfe-commits archive, all patch messages
in there looks like an autogenerated. They seems to have some number
assigned in tittle and are pointing either to
or to some revision in

So should I use some webpages/tools for sending my patch or
is it still ok to send patch as an attachment without having any
autogenerated number on subject?


Hello Mika,

LLVM developers use Phabricator system for code review. It is located on
You can find more information on how to use this review system on

28.12.2016 20:36, Mika Laitio via cfe-dev пишет:

Thanks, account created and patch send. I was not sure about reviewers
so I left that empty.


Finding reviewers: Do a git blame on the code you are changing. Usually there is one person that has done a majority of the work - and if that person doesn’t feel like they are able to review, will usually add someone else.

And there is, I think, a list of overall maintainers of different parts.