Change in JIT

Hi all,

There was a recent change to how the JIT works. Before, you would pass
a flag into the code generator to indicate whether you wanted "fast"
code generation or normal code generation. Now, we have a
finer-grained control over this. An enum value is passed instead of a
boolean flag.

The change you should make: every call to addPassesToEmitFile,
addPassesToEmitFileFinish, addPassesToEmitMachineCode, or
addCommonCodeGenPasses should pass an optimization level enum rather
than true / false for "Fast". The enum is in

namespace CodeGenOpt {
  enum Level {

The "Default" enum is the old, non-fast version. "None" is now the
"fast" version. "Aggressive" is currently identical to Default, but
will change in the future to apply more passes to the code.