Changes to 'ADJCALLSTACK*' and 'callseq_*' between LLVM v4.0 and v5.0

Hi LLVM-Devs,

I have managed to complete updating our sources from LLVM v4.0 to v5.0, but
I am getting selection errors for 'callseq_end'. I am aware that the
'ADJCALLSTACKUP' and 'ADJCALLSTACKDOWN' patterns have changed, and have
added an additional argument to the TD descriptions for these.

There are interactions with 'ISD::CALL' and 'ISD::RET_FLAG', but so far as I
can tell I have revised these in the same way as the in-tree targets have
adjusted their sources.

The error I am seeing is:

  fatal error: error in backend: Cannot select: 0x15c9bbe00: ch,glue =
callseq_end 0x15c9bbd98, TargetConstant:i32<0>, TargetGlobalAddress:i32<void
(i8*, i32, i8*, i8*)* @__assert_func> 0, 0x15c9bbd98:1
    0x15c9bb920: i32 = TargetConstant<0>
    0x15c9bb8b8: i32 = TargetGlobalAddress<void (i8*, i32, i8*, i8*)*
@__assert_func> 0
    0x15c9bbd98: ch,glue = MYISD::CALL 0x15c9bbcc8,
TargetGlobalAddress:i32<void (i8*, i32, i8*, i8*)* @__assert_func> 0,
Register:i32 %I18, Register:i32 %I17, Register:i32 %I16, Register:i32 %I15,
RegisterMask:Untyped, 0x15c9bbcc8:1
      0x15c9bb8b8: i32 = TargetGlobalAddress<void (i8*, i32, i8*, i8*)*
@__assert_func> 0
      0x15c9bb9f0: i32 = Register %I18
      0x15c9bbac0: i32 = Register %I17
      0x15c9bbb90: i32 = Register %I16
      0x15c9bbc60: i32 = Register %I15
      0x15c9bbd30: Untyped = RegisterMask
      0x15c9bbcc8: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x15c9bbbf8, Register:i32 %I15,
0x15c9bb718, 0x15c9bbbf8:1
        0x15c9bbc60: i32 = Register %I15
        0x15c9bb718: i32,ch,glue = CopyFromReg 0x15c9bb648:1, Register:i32
%vreg2, 0x15c9bb648:1
          0x15c9bb6b0: i32 = Register %vreg2
        0x15c9bbbf8: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x15c9bbb28, Register:i32 %I16,
Constant:i32<0>, 0x15c9bbb28:1
          0x15c9bbb90: i32 = Register %I16
          0x15c9bb850: i32 = Constant<0>
          0x15c9bbb28: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x15c9bba58, Register:i32 %I17,
0x15c9bb648, 0x15c9bba58:1
            0x15c9bbac0: i32 = Register %I17
            0x15c9bb648: i32,ch,glue = CopyFromReg 0x15c9bb578:1,
Register:i32 %vreg1, 0x15c9bb578:1
              0x15c9bb5e0: i32 = Register %vreg1
            0x15c9bba58: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x15c9bb988, Register:i32 %I18,
              0x15c9bb9f0: i32 = Register %I18
              0x15c9bb578: i32,ch,glue = CopyFromReg 0x15c967b38,
Register:i32 %vreg0
                0x15c9bb510: i32 = Register %vreg0

My TD for this has:

  def SDT_MYCallSeqStart : SDCallSeqStart<[SDTCisVT<0, i32>, SDTCisVT<1,
  def SDT_MYCallSeqEnd : SDCallSeqStart<[SDTCisVT<0, i32>, SDTCisVT<1,
  def MYCallseqStart : SDNode<"ISD::CALLSEQ_START", SDT_MYCallSeqStart,
                                  [SDNPHasChain, SDNPOutGlue]>;
  def MYCallseqEnd : SDNode<"ISD::CALLSEQ_END", SDT_MYCallSeqEnd,
                                  [SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue,

  def SDT_MYCall : SDTypeProfile<0, 1, [SDTCisVT<0, i32>]>;
  def SDT_MYRet : SDTypeProfile<0, 0, >;
  def MYcall : SDNode<"MYISD::CALL", SDT_MYCall,
                                  [SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue, SDNPOutGlue,
  def MYret : SDNode<"MYISD::RET_FLAG", SDTNone,
                                  [SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue,

  let hasCtrlDep = 1, hasSideEffects = 1 in {
    def ADJCALLSTACKDOWN : Pseudo<(outs), (ins i32imm:$amt1, i32imm:$amt2),
                                  [(MYCallseqStart timm:$amt1,
    def ADJCALLSTACKUP : Pseudo<(outs), (ins i32imm:$amt1, i32imm:$amt2),
                                  [(MYCallseqEnd timm:$amt1, timm:$amt2)]>;

  def: Pat<(MYret), (JMP_Ret (i32 LR))>;

The function that is failing does warn - "warning: function declared
'noreturn' should not return [-Winvalid-noreturn]", and it does seem to
return. In fact it invokes a custom builtin which does not actually return.
In the past I have just ignored this warning.

Any hints that might help me to make the necessary adaptations to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I won't be able to reply until Monday as I will be away for the weekend

Hi Martin,

Pseudo CALLSEQ_START was changed in r302527, commit message contains details on the changes.
However CALLSEQ_END was not modified. If your made changes to ADJCALLSTACKUP to add
additional argument, that may result in error.

Hi Serge,

Thanks for your help. I have looked at the change log, and so far as I can tell, my implementation is pretty much identical to all of the in-tree targets, but I’m missing something and can’t see what it is. I have simplified my TD description to just:

def MyCallseqStart : SDNode<“ISD::CALLSEQ_START”,

SDCallSeqStart<[SDTCisVT<0, i32>, SDTCisVT<1, i32>]>,

[SDNPHasChain, SDNPOutGlue]>;
def MyCallseqEnd : SDNode<“ISD::CALLSEQ_END”,

SDCallSeqEnd<[SDTCisVT<0, i32>, SDTCisVT<1, i32>]>,

[SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue, SDNPOutGlue]>;

def my_call : SDNode<“MyISD::CALL”,

SDTypeProfile<0, -1, [SDTCisPtrTy<0>]>,

[SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue, SDNPOutGlue, SDNPVariadic]>;
def my_ret : SDNode<“MyISD::RET_FLAG”,


[SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue, SDNPVariadic]>;

let hasCtrlDep = 1,

hasSideEffects = 1,

isCodeGenOnly = 1,

Defs = [SP],

Uses = [SP] in {
def ADJCALLSTACKDOWN : Pseudo<(outs),
(ins i32imm:$amt1, i32imm:$amt2),
[(MyCallseqStart timm:$amt1, timm:$amt2)]>;
def ADJCALLSTACKUP : Pseudo<(outs),
(ins i32imm:$amt1, i32imm:$amt2),
[(MyCallseqEnd timm:$amt1, timm:$amt2)]>;

def Custom_CALL : Pseudo<(outs),
(ins IRF32:$target, variable_ops),
[(my_call IRF32:$target)]> {
let isCall = 1;
let usesCustomInserter = 1;

def Custom_RETURN : Pseudo<(outs),
(ins variable_ops),
[(my_ret)]> {
let isReturn = 1;
let usesCustomInserter = 1;

but when I compile the following C code:

int foo(int);
int bar() { return foo(42); }

it crashes with the following dump:

fatal error: error in backend: Cannot select: 0x1ede6ae3648: ch,glue = callseq_end 0x1ede6ae35e0, TargetConstant:i32<0>, TargetGlobalAddress:i32<i32 (i32)* @foo> 0, 0x1ede6ae35e0:1
0x1ede6ae33d8: i32 = TargetConstant<0>
0x1ede6ae3370: i32 = TargetGlobalAddress<i32 (i32)* @foo> 0
0x1ede6ae35e0: ch,glue = MyISD::CALL 0x1ede6ae3510, TargetGlobalAddress:i32<i32 (i32)* @foo> 0, Register:i32 %I18, RegisterMask:Untyped, 0x1ede6ae3510:1
0x1ede6ae3370: i32 = TargetGlobalAddress<i32 (i32)* @foo> 0
0x1ede6ae34a8: i32 = Register %I18
0x1ede6ae3578: Untyped = RegisterMask
0x1ede6ae3510: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x1ede6ae3440, Register:i32 %I18, Constant:i32<42>
0x1ede6ae34a8: i32 = Register %I18
0x1ede6ae3308: i32 = Constant<42>

I have tried disabling the custom inserters just in case they were causing the problem but it crashes in the same way.

Must admit, I’m stumped on this one.

All the best,


Found it. An idiot mistake in my ‘LowerCall’ implementation where I had a cut’n’paste argument error to ‘getCALLSEQ_END’ that has been wrong for a very long time, but this change has exposed it.