[CI] how to resolve the quick failure of Build Status

I create a D134336, while it always return a quick failure. I think it even doesn’t start to build with this revision as it is too fast to return the result. (I tried several times, it has same result.)
I also don’t get any helpful infomation about the reason why it go to fail, what can I do next? thanks!

It appears to have failed to connect to buildkite (which distributes the build to the machines). Which means this is no fault of your own. There’s no logs at all that I can see.

There is an owner somewhere for that system but I coudn’t tell you who it is.

FWIW the precommit wouldn’t give you too much beyond a check-all which you can run locally (though I concede that not everyone has beefy machines to make that fast).

Off the top of my head, you could do a local build with EXPENSIVE_CHECKS enabled. Usually when I do codegen I get something wrong and that catches it.

Otherwise reviewers or post-commit buildbots will find anything you missed.