CIL 1.3.7 release, with experimental LLVM code generation

The latest release of the CIL C frontend (CIL (C Intermediate Language) download |
now includes a module to generate LLVM assembly code from CIL's
intermediate format. It should be considered alpha-level code and
still has a number of significant limitations:

   It is targeted to the 32-bit mode of x86 processors using gcc's C
dialect. It handles all of C, except:
     - bitfields
     - inline assembly code
     - gcc pragmas/attributes (those not handled by CIL directly)
     - variable-size types
     - <whatever bugs are lurking in there>

I have however successfully used it to compile some small but real programs...

Some test cases showing how to use this extension are on my web page, at
You can use these with CIL as follows:
  cd cil-1.3.7; tar xfz cil-llvm-tests.tar.gz # extract tests in CIL
  ./configure --with-llvm; make # build CIL with llvm support
  cd tests/llvm
  make # run simple LLVM tests
  make cfrac # run a larger LLVM test

Disclaimer: this works for me on Mac OS X 10.4 and on a Linux CentOS
machine, with LLVM 2.5. YMMV...

Please submit bug reports, or improvements (e.g. removing some of the
limitations above ;-)) via CIL's sourceforge bug tracker, at