CIRCT Bay Area Meetup 11/8/22

Since some of us will be coming to town for the LLVM Dev Mtg and/or MLIR Summit, I thought it would be fun to get together for a community meetup. I’m proposing the evening of 11/8, since I’ve talked to a few folks already and that seemed to be a decent day. In terms of timing, I think we went for 6pm in the past, but Stein’s only had availability at 6:30.

I’m open to suggestions on location, but in past meetups, Mountain View was a decently central location. Does anyone have a specific suggestion? There might be rain, so a place with a largeish indoor area might be best. I can call around and update this post once we commit to a place.

To get a sense of numbers, it would be great if you could like this post if you’re interested in attending.

Summary: Tuesday, 11/8 at 6:30pm in Mountain View at Steins Beer Garden and Restaurant (895 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041)


Of the three beer gardens on Castro st, two are just gardens – very little (if any) indoor space. The only one with an appreciable amount of indoor space is Stein’s.

I called Stein’s and they had availability for 8-10 at 6:30pm, so I made a reservation and updated the original post with the details. If we end up with more than 10, Stein’s won’t have a table for us, so we can find somewhere else.


Just saw this, unfortunately there’s a reception here tonight.

There is, but they did save us a table for 10 inside starting at 6:30.

I think Stephen meant at the LLVM dev mtg.

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