CIRCT Bay Area Meetup (December 2021)

Hi All-

Updated location: Ludwigs, ~3 blocks away from the original location. I have a reservation under John Demme for 12 ppl at 6pm.

As we discussed on the call today, there will be a CIRCT meetup on Tuesday, Dec 14th @ 6pm at Ludwigs Beirgarten in Mountain View. Everyone’s invited! They have a patio with heaters, so we’ll be out there. The expectation is that everyone who attends will be vaccinated and symptom free.

I’ll need a rough headcount (to call for a reservation the Sunday before), so please ‘like’ this post if you’re planning on attending!


I’ll attend, thank you for setting this up!

Stein’s has a private function on their patio tomorrow night and aren’t taking reservations. So we will not be gathering there. The backup location is Ludwig’s (Google Maps) – it’s about three blocks away from Stein’s. They’re closed today, so I’ll call tomorrow. The second backup location is Das Bierhauz, which is also about two blocks away from Stein’s.

Yes, Castro has three German beer gardens.

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Ludwig’s has space. I made a reservation under “John Demme”. I’m planning to show up early.

Nice, thank you for setting this up John!

Had a really fun time meeting everyone last night! Really great turnout. I hope we can do this again sometime in 2022. (That feels strange to say. 2022. already.)