CIRCT install not working

Hi, I am trying to install CIRCT by following the instructions here:

At stage 3 cmake line I get this:
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:420 (message):
Building CIRCT with Cap’nProto features enabled uses CMake features that
require at least version 3.23. Recommend upgrading to 3.23+ for full
support. Detected current version: 3.22.1. If you do not need ESI cosim
features, you can use the CAPNP_DISABLE option.

So, I try to add the repo so that I can obtain a more modern version of CMake, but the repo is not working.
Is there a different repo I should be using to get a more up to date CMake from?
Note: The CAPNP_DISABLE option also fails to help.

What commit are you using? Latest main should only check this if libcapnp is found.

It’s odd that the CAPNP_DISABLE isn’t working. Maybe delete your CMakeCache.txt?

Can you post the commit and cmake command you’re using?

Hi. I managed to get CIRCT compiled. I found more up to date CMake from elsewhere and installed that.