CIRCT related internships/jobs

(Please let me know if this forum is not the appropriate place to ask about this)

I’m looking for internships for the next summer/fall and since CIRCT-style projects that combine compilers/architecture/PL are the perfect combination of things for me, I was wondering if people involved here are looking for interns.

Separately, a few undergraduate students who work with me are also interested in full-time positions in this area.

Xilinx is starting to line up internships for next spring and summer. Would love to chat with anyone interested in things related to CIRCT.


Hi there,

I am thrilled about this opportunity. Would internships be offered in a way that supports a person who is also working a 40 hour week? I have very flexible hours and a sparse meeting calendar, and I would be over the moon at the opportunity to discuss a position like this.

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There should be opportunities for internships related to hw compilers and tools (and definitely looking at contributing to CIRCT) soon up also at PNNL - note that there may be some specific requirements, but very happy to chat!

It is a bit early for our intern program at SiFive, but I do expect we will be hiring! If you’re interested in full time positions, please apply here, we are actively recruiting in this area!


@aedalton, Most internships in this area (certainly those at Xilinx) are full-time paid positions and wouldn’t be a good match for someone who is already employed. That said, there are a number of people here would probably be willing to advise you if you’re working on CIRCT on your own time.

I’m looking into getting some CIRCT internship slots at Microsoft. Will keep this thread posted.

Dear all,
we finally have new internship positions open. Good place to apply to get something new started in the context of CIRCT.

Timing is pretty flexible (in compliance with university semesters requirement).