citing clang?

I need to reference clang in a paper; anyone know of a better way than this?

   author = "{Apple, Inc.}",
   title = "clang: a {C} language family frontend for {LLVM}",
   note = "{\url{\}} ; accessed 21-Sept-2011",



It's inappropriate to cite clang as Apple-authored; it's an open source project which Apple puts resources into, just like the Linux kernel is an open source project which other companies put resources into.

This is just a citation for a general reference, rather than a specific quote from the source code and/or website? I would just leave out the author entirely.


According to [1], copyright holder is the University of Illinois.


Thanks Konstantin and John.

Yes, just a generic citation since Clang isn't quite a household word yet :).


How do you draw that conclusion? "project is held by its respective contributors". Only the clang code contributed by UIUC is copyright UIUC.


Presumably from the bit at the top that says "the University of
Illinois is the LLVM copyright holder" :slight_smile:


Wow, how about that. Fixed in r140326. Thanks,