Citing LLVM

Dear LLVM devs,

If one were to (academically) cite the LLVM project in the general sense, what would be the recommended reference - ie. one that gives a recent and complete overview of the system?


I"m not sure there is an official citation, but you can probably just look at the papers on <> and see what they do.

– Sean Silva

In the past, I’ve just referenced Chris’s CGO 2004 paper when referring to LLVM:

C. Lattner and V. Adve. LLVM: A compilation framework for lifelong program analysis & transformation.

For sub-projects like Clang and DragonEgg, I just cite the URLs:

[4] Clang.
[5] DragonEgg.

I don’t know of any canonical references for these.

I second that. We at Illinois typically cite Chris’s CGO paper. The bibtex is: @InProceedings{LLVM:CGO04, Author = {Chris Lattner and Vikram Adve}, Title = {{LLVM}: A Compilation Framework for Lifelong Program Analysis and Transformation}, Booktitle = CGO, Address = {San Jose, CA, USA}, Month = {Mar}, Year = {2004}, pages = {75–88}, } – John T.

Thanks John, Justin and Sean. I'll go with the recommended CGO paper.

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