Clang 3.0 release notes draft

The first draft of detailed release notes for Clang 3.0 are now in docs/ReleaseNotes.html. The website isn’t auto-updating still, but please take a look and send (or just apply!) corrections as you see them. There are a few things clearly missing and with comment stubs in the notes and various folks on the hook to flesh them out.

Some things I’d love to see others chime in on:

Objective-C: It’d be good to move the ARC Migrate Tool bullet from the LLVM notes to the Clang ones and expand on it. Also, the summaries I have for the other two Objective-C blurbs are probably pretty weak and could use some love.

libclang: I hope I haven’t misrepresented anything, but it feels a bit spartan.

And of course, improvements to general prose, punctuation, grammar and spelling more than welcome. =D