Clang 3.5.1 assertion failure on FreeBSD when building LLDB

A change between r231216 and r231221 causes an assertion failure on
the LLDB FreeBSD bot. The compiler is FreeBSD's in-tree one: FreeBSD
clang version 3.5.1 (tags/RELEASE_351/final 225668) 20150115

First failing build:

Assertion failed: ((!DD->isTrivial() || DD->hasAttr<DLLExportAttr>())
&& "Should not emit dtor epilogue for non-exported trivial dtor!"),
function EnterDtorCleanups, file
line 1429.

Galina, is it possible to get the /tmp/CommandLine-26c092.cpp and .sh
from the bot?

Hi Ed,

I'm already investigating it, as it broke our buildbots, too.


I'm seeing the same when building llvm trunk with clang 3.6.

The bug also has a creduced test case.


Takumi’s revert in 231254 should hopefully have addressed this. Let me know if it’s still being seen?