Clang 3.5, XCode 6 fatal error on OSX 32-bit - Section too large

Hi folks,

I’m building a pretty huge source code, which builds just fine with MS compiler and Intel compiler, but Clang ends up with this:

fatal error: error in backend: Section too large, can’t encode r_address (0x1000008) into 24 bits of scattered relocation entry.

If I remove half of it, it starts working fine, so obviously there are some limitations. This seems to be a well known issue from XCode 4.5, but now it’s XCode 6.2 and it still doesn’t work!! Any options I could enable to make it work? For example on Windows I needed to use /BIGOBJ to make the compiler work fine.

According to this - - some actions has been taken quite some time ago, yet with the newest XCode version on newest OSX it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?