Clang Analyzer not detecting any issues

Dear Clang Users,

We are trying to use the clang analyser for our product source code but cant seem to get it working for even the basic use cases!

We use the command

scan-build -enable-checker alpha.unix.Stream clang hello.c

where hello.c is a test file for the double fclose checker as detailed in

FILE *fp;
fp= fopen(“hello.txt”,“w”);
fputc(len0, fp);

return 0;

On running we get the message

scan-build: Using ‘/usr/local/bin/clang-3.9’ for static analysis
scan-build: Removing directory ‘/tmp/scan-build-2016-06-16-112854-24350-1’ because it contains no reports.
scan-build: No bugs found

Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

Thanks and warm regards,

Manjunath N