clang and __builtin_va_list

I am using the Clang c++ API. I have a blocking issue because the builtin __builtin_va_list clang isn’t defined.

Here is the error:

…lib/clang/3.2/include/stdarg.h:30:9: error: unknown type name ‘__builtin_va_list’; did you mean ‘__builtin_va_list’? typedef __builtin_va_list va_list;

From what I’ve read, this builtin is target dependent.

This builtin is not defined in Builtins.def or BuiltinsX86.def or anywhere else I can find in the clang source code.

I am on a Redhat Linux box.

How can I get this builtin to be visible? Do I have to supply it myself?

Note that I am using the Clang C++ API, not just clang++ test.cpp, which works fine somehow.

So am I missing something in my Clang C++ API usage it seems to me.

All the other builtins seem to be installed and working.

Kamaljit Lall <> writes:


The Clang experts are on the cfe-dev mailing list. See
for detals.