clang and -pedantic

I got some warnings while compiling part of boost with clang TOT.
In particular, it warned about "extra ; in class definitions"

In file included from ../../../libs/test/src/unit_test_monitor.cpp:16:
In file included from ../../../boost/test/impl/unit_test_monitor.ipp:22:
In file included from ../../../boost/test/test_tools.hpp:19:
../../../boost/test/predicate_result.hpp:44:37: warning: extra ';' inside a struct [-pedantic]
    struct dummy { void nonnull() {}; };

So (after some prodding), I looked in the standard and found section 9.2 (class members), where it
appears to show that the semicolon after the member function definition is optional.

Then I went to , where it says that

  -pedantic: Warn on language extensions.

It seems to me that the extra semicolon is not a language extension.

What is the rationale behind having it warn, then?

-- Marshall

Marshall Clow Idio Software <>

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It was a bug, that's fixed in r123835.

  - Doug