[clang][boost] Error in Boost.math

Here is a small program:

#include <boost/math/tr1.hpp>
int main() { return 0; }

Which output this:

clang++ -O3 -Wall pb_clang_boost_tr1.cpp -o pb_clang_boost_tr1 -I../../../ -I../../ -I../ -I/usr/local/lib -I/home/jt/DevC++/dev_lasmea/boostl
In file included from pb_clang_boost_tr1.cpp:9:
In file included from boostl/boost/math/tr1.hpp:382:
In file included from boost/math/tools/promotion.hpp:26:
boost/math/tools/config.hpp:277:7: error: unknown type name 'fexcept_t'
     fexcept_t m_flags;
boost/math/tools/config.hpp:270:24: error: use of undeclared identifier 'FE_ALL_EXCEPT'
2 errors generated.

Now, here is something missing in clang fenv.h or is it boost doign wrong ?


<fenv.h> comes from your system headers, not from Clang. It's possible that either your system headers don't have these things defined, or that their definitions are dependent on some preprocessor macro that neither Clang nor Boost defines. I suggest looking at your system <fenv.h>.

  - Doug