clang bugs for newbies

I am interested in diving deep into Clang.
I went through documentation available on website, had a look at the some of the blogs on Clang.
But it would be great to pick some real bug and start working on it.
I spent some time on bugzilla, but could not get on where to start.

How should I search on bugzilla so that I can start with some simple things? Is there any bug list especially meant for newbies? Or any other pointers?

Harshada usually has some easier/starter projects (in many cases there’s some cleanup that people do while getting familiar with the project but they don’t finish the cleanup entirely, so there’s always more to do - like the StringRef-izing of APIs). I don’t think we have any specific bug list that would be a handy reference point.

Hi Harshada and welcome, my suggestion would be to browse bugzilla until you find something you think you could fix. It’s also worth noting that when you first start looking at issues you won’t even understand them fully, but try to find bug reports that have code snippets that reproduce the bug. Then you can dig through the standard to find the rules for that specific language feature. These bugs usually reject valid code or accept invalid code. Some examples:

Then there’s bugs that suggest new warnings or improvements to existing ones, or other source information: (this one already has a patch that you could potentially take over)

You can also look for crashes, try to reproduce them, reduce large source files that people attach. Be aware that while it’s easy to see why the compiler crashes it’s often not obvious how to properly fix the bug.

Good luck