Clang build fails on VS2015 ?


I get an error “fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.”

while building clang for Windows on VS2015,

It happens at \clang\lib\ast\astcontext.cpp(334)

This is the command being run:

D:\VS2015\VC\bin\CL.exe /c /ID:\cling\src\tools\build\tools\clang\lib\AST /ID:\cling\src\tools\clang\lib\AST /ID:\cling\src\tools\clang\include /ID:\cling\src\tools\build\tools\clang\include /ID:\cling\src\tools\build\include /ID:\cling\src\include /nologo /W3 /WX- /MP /O2 /Ob2 /Oy- /D WIN32 /D _WINDOWS /D NDEBUG /D _HAS_EXCEPTIONS=0 /D GTEST_HAS_RTTI=0 /D _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE /D _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /D _CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE /D _CRT_NONSTDC_NO_WARNINGS /D _SCL_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE /D _SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /D __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS /D __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS /D __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS /D _GNU_SOURCE /D CLANG_ENABLE_ARCMT /D CLANG_ENABLE_OBJC_REWRITER /D CLANG_ENABLE_STATIC_ANALYZER /D “CMAKE_INTDIR="Release"” /D _MBCS /Gm- /MD /GS /fp:precise /Zc:wchar_t /Zc:forScope /Zc:inline /GR- /Fo"clangAST.dir\Release\" /Fd"clangAST.dir\Release\clangAST.pdb" /Gd /TP /wd4146 /wd4180 /wd4244 /wd4258 /wd4267 /wd4291 /wd4345 /wd4351 /wd4355 /wd4456 /wd4457 /wd4458 /wd4459 /wd4503 /wd4624 /wd4722 /wd4800 /analyze- /errorReport:queue /we4238 /EHs-c- -w14062 D:\cling\src\tools\clang\lib\AST\ASTContext.cpp

Does anyone know how to solve this issue? thank you