Clang built kernel fails to generate coredump file SEGV signal

clang kernel (linux 5.4.202 version) built with clang-14.0.6 fails to generate coredump file for Segmentaiton fault (signal) triggered for application process. Gcc built kernel generates core dump file for same application with triggered Segmentation fault.
ulimit -c is set to ‘unlimited’ but still issue exists.
But ‘SIGABRT’ signal passed to application process is generating corefile successfully.
is clang requires any specific option to be passed to generate core dump file for sigsegv ?


This question is probably better asked in #clang-built-linux on Discord or as an issue on Issues · ClangBuiltLinux/linux · GitHub.

Unless you can already prove that it’s a specific clang issue. A kernel is a very large surface area to narrow down.