[clang-cl] error: pasting [MACRO] formed an invalid preprocessing token

This is for the latest revision of clang. While compiling included boost code using clang-cl:

C:\LLVM\Release\bin>clang-cl -c code.cpp -IC:\boost

C:\boost/mpl/not.hpp(47,0) : error: pasting formed
‘BOOST_PP_TUPLE_ELEM_E_3(’, an invalid preprocessing token

I found people recommending to solve the problem by disabling the error using -Wno-invalid-token-paste so I tried it with the following result:

C:\boost/mpl/or.hpp(34,12) : error: operator ‘defined’ requires
an identifier
#if defined(or)

This particular error is fixed in the 'develop' branch of Boost MPL for the latest modular-boost using git. See https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/wiki/TryModBoost for using modular-boost. You will also need the 'develop' branch changes for Boost Config.

However there are still a number of problems using the latest clang-cl with Boost which need to be addressed before it is a real possibility. I have already reported these problems as bugs in clang. The main general issues with Boost are:

1) clang-cl needs exception support.
2) clang-cl needs RTTI support.

Until these happen I would not suggest trying to use Boost with clang-cl. Of course you can try and then report errors as you find them to the clang bug tracker.