clang-cl with analyzer-output=text

Hi all,

With clang-cl I can use the --analyze argument to run static analysis, but it seems -Xanalyzer is not recognized. So normally I’d pass -Xanalyzer -analyzer-output=text to get the additional flow information, but it’s not permitted.

Is there a way to get clang-cl to pass the -analyzer-output=text option to the analyzer? If not, is this just because nobody’s gotten around to it? (I’d be more than happy to work on a patch if there isn’t a reason for it not to be there.)

– Matthew P. Del Buono

Hmm. It seems that -Xclang works just fine, you can use that instead of -Xanalyzer. I've no idea why do we need to have so many of those, also it's shorter.

Ah, I didn’t realize that -Xclang also works for the analyzer arguments. That makes this problem a lot easier. Thanks!

– Matthew P. Del Buono