Clang Code Owner/Reviewers Holiday Availability

It’s getting to the time of year when folks are going on (sometimes extended) holidays. I wanted to start a thread for frequent code reviewers to mention their availability in the next month or so to help set code review expectations for patch authors. If you are a code owner or do quite a few code reviews, feel free to mention what you expect your availability to be like if you’re comfortable doing so.


I will be out of the office starting Dec 9 and returning on Jan 3. I don’t expect to perform any code reviews during this period and I will be canceling my Dec office hours.

Good grief, December holidays already! I’m just recovering from taking off for US Thanksgiving!

I’ll be out ~Dec 10 (last day to be the 9th potentially) to ~Jan 3, though I might end up tacking an extra day to the beginning/end of that. I don’t intend to do any reviews/check ANY email in that time, and depending on how many emails I have when I get back, the delete key might be heavily used in January :slight_smile:

I will not be available from the 18th of Dec to the 3rd of Jan.

I will be reviewing most of December but may slow down the last week. I won’t be reviewing the first week of January.

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