clang compilation failing with latest update

I checked out a new version of clang this morning and it's failing
compilation with VC++ 2008. I'm seeing a complaint regarding an unknown
command line option:

I'm also seeing an explosion of warnings due to the DIAG macro. Both issues
are occurring in tblgen. Is somebody else seeing this? Does someone have a


I just did a build with MSVC 2008 and it works.

I am seeing this warning flood:
C:\dev\llvm\llvm_trunk_2008\include\llvm/ADT/StringMap.h(265) :
warning C4181: qualifier applied to reference type; ignored
C:\dev\llvm\llvm_trunk_2008\include\llvm/MC/MCContext.h(59) : see
reference to class template instantiation
'llvm::StringMap<ValueTy,AllocatorTy>' being compiled

But not the issues you mention.
Make sure you update the llvm and clang svn. They are 2 differents
svn repositories that you must get the latest.