clang compiles gtk+

Hi all,

I've successfully compiled glib, awt, pango and gtk+, all with shared libs.

glib passes all tests
gtk+ run demos. Fonts, images and normal widgets works really nice.
Didn't test much.

The only "problem" i ran into, was that config.guess returns target as
linux-pc-linux-gnuaout (yes, with the about postfix). That gave some
problems with shared libs.

- Anders Johnsen

Small update.

gtk+ testsuit passes 881/883. I suspect the last two of being a missing image.

That's fantastic news! Thanks Anders for letting us know.

That's great! Can you track down why config.guess gets confused? Maybe this has to do with some disagreement between gcc and clang #defines or something? It would be very nice for clang to just work "out of the box" for linux users.


Fixed here:


Chris Lattner wrote:

can you please add the __ELF__ to FreeBSD section as well? I just tested
and gcc defines that on fbsd