clang compiles OpenLieroX


LLVM r102655 + clang r102825 compile OpenLieroX 31e0dac9 on MacOSX 10.5 and Linux!

One small fix was needed in the MacOSX OpenAL alc.h system header:

- typedef void ALCvoid;
+ #define ALCvoid void

Because of this:

/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenAL.framework/Headers/alc.h:182:68: error: empty parameter list defined with a
       typedef of 'void' not allowed in C++
ALC_API ALCcontext * ALC_APIENTRY alcGetCurrentContext( ALCvoid );
See This is a bug in the MacOSX OpenAL headers.

Otherwise, nothing was needed.

OLX itself starts fine, you can also play net games (played on the Fast Mortars server a few rounds), performance is ok/good (haven't used any compiler flags for clang). Some other stuff crashes, like opening the local menu or Google Breakpad (no time yet to debug).

That is a big step forward and the first time it compiles. I have tried frequently again and again with clang/llvm trunk the last couple of weeks. Got hit by many clang bugs which I reported upstream and which were fixed pretty fast.