Clang crash using SSE intrinsics


I'm seeing the following crash when attempting the compile the attached c file. I've reduced the original case as much as I could and still keep the failing behaviour. Changing the 'buffer' interactions (load or pointer increment), or removing the 'printv' seem to make it go away, as does compiling with anything other that -O0.

Code is fairly recent SVN:
  llvm/trunk: 94955
  cfe/trunk: 94968
  ( I think they're sensible revision IDs?)

Please let me know if there's anything further I can do.

  David M

$ ~/code/contrib/llvm/Debug/bin/clang -O1 -c fail.c -o fail.o

fail.c (1.25 KB)

ATT00001…txt (3.46 KB)

As a general note, please file bugzillas instead of emailing cfe-dev. That said, this was a great report. From this, we fixed an optimizer crash:

Fixed a serious performance issue, which will also allows the example to work:

And I filed the original codegen crash: