Clang crashes with -fdelayed-template-parsing for specialized function templates.

Issue: clang ver 3.2 crashes when I pass -fdelayed-template-parsing flag. If
I don't pass the flag it compiles fine. Is this a known issue? (I searched
for this issue but I could have missed it. Please accept apologies if this
is already discussed in some thread).

struct T1


struct T2


class Alpha
  template<class T> void Foo() { }
  template<> void Foo<T1>() { }

int main1()
        Alpha a;
  a.Foo<T2>(); // No crash
        a.Foo<T1>(); // specialized template. clang crashes on passing

I’ve reduced your example and filed it as a bug here:

Your observed crash is caused by a bogus AST which will obviously cause CodeGen to fail.