clang + cuda version issue

I’m trying to get up and running with llvm/clang + cuda. llvm 11.0.1 successfully installed.

When I try to compile the simple example shown in llvm examples I get

clang-11: warning: Unknown CUDA version. cuda.h: CUDA_VERSION=11020. Assuming the latest supported version 10.1 [-Wunknown-cuda-version] error: use of undeclared identifier cudaConfigureCall
axpy<<<1, kDataLen>>>(a, device_x, device_y);

I have cuda 11.2 installed however clang apparently needs cuda 10.1 and I’m running fedora 33 which is too new for cuda 10.1. cuda 10.1 is supported on fedora 29. I can’t downgrade to fedora 29.

Is there a combo of llvm clang + cuda that works with fedora 33?

Is there any plan for llvm to use the latest cuda? on what time frame?


Hi Burlen,

it might be better to repost the question on, which is the clang frontend
developer list.

~ Johannes