Clang defects that were fixed but still show up as Open

Hi everyone,

My name is Valentin Chirca and I am a compiler engineer at Wind River.

We have been working on classifying clang defects for functional safety lately. While doing this we found some clang defects that appear to be fixed but are not marked so in Bugzilla. We would like to mark those defects as Resolved-Fixed, with a link to showing that the issue is no longer reproducible. Would that be ok or is there anything else that needs to be done for those cases?

Here is another question: Should we wait for the migration from Bugzilla to GitHub Issues to happen or is it ok to make these updates in Bugzilla now?


Hello Valentin,

I think it’s ok to update bugzilla.


I'd prefer to not reference an external service here. If you can spend
the time, check if there is an existing test case covering the fixed
case and just point to it, otherwise even add a new one and referencing
that one.


I think it's completely fine to go in and close bugs that have been
dormant for a long time if you cannot reproduce them anymore.

I don't think there is anyone in the community that is really keeping
tabs on all the open bugs in clang,
so I don't think you would be stepping on anyone else's toes here and
would not need to coordinate it or anything.

Either testing existing cases from the bug description, or new ones
and linking to compiler explorer (but please also paste the code used
in case the link ever goes down).

As someone who often trawls for open bugs, I would highly appreciate this!

Generally +1 to what Matheus has said here.