[clang-doc] Support for new formats

Hey folks,

I’d like to add two new formats to clang-doc and wanted to discuss it in public to see whether or not patches are welcome for them before spending time on them.

I’d like to add support for:

  1. org-mode format.
    org markup is similar to markdown yet more powerful and rich. many code hosting services support it just like markdown and it’s super easy to generate html, pdf and other formats out of org files using Emacs (it gives us more customizing ability in compare to md and html).

  2. export as lisp lists
    This on makes it easier to use a Lisp to generate docs based on those Lists.

I know that format 2 is pretty specific and in that case I want to start the discussion to add the support for user made formats plugins to clang-doc. What do you think ?

Would this imply Emacs as a build dependency?

No, both formats are purely text only.