clang: doing without argv, argv + argc, hard wire?

im using clang, and my project is based on interpreter example. I
don't want to supply the c-code file path from the command line, so
don't want to use argv, argv + argc.

in the interpreter example the line:

llvm::sys::Path Path = GetExecutablePath(argv[0]);

I presume I can hard wire that to for example :

llvm::sys::Path Path = GetExecutablePath("MyFile.c");

but, what do I do for:

llvm::SmallVector<const char *, 16> Args(argv, argv + argc);
  llvm::OwningPtr<Compilation> C(TheDriver.BuildCompilation(Args.size(),

Can I do without argv, argv + argc? can I hard wire these too?

Any ideas?

Too be honist I would like to supply the c code to be called by the
JIT in a char array or std::string.
Has anyone any code?

Ive hard wired it with:

int argc = 2;
char argv[2][MAX_PATH];

if(0 != GetModuleFileName(0, argv[0], MAX_PATH))
strcpy(argv[1], "file.c");

It works ok, but is there a "Proper Way?"