clang driver command line interface change

Hi all,

For those using the as-yet-unnamed clang static analyzer, I have
change the command line interface so that it requires an explicit
-analyze option. I updated the test cases but those using clang
directly will need to pass '-analyze' (just as one would pass
-fsyntax-only, -emit-llvm, etc.) to set the program action.

The motivation & goal is to have clang take "explicit" arguments
instead of inferring what to do; this is consistent with the idea that
the clang executable is a backend tool and will almost always be being
driven by some other tool.

- Daniel

Daniel's email was pretty clear, but just to reiterate this only applies when you use the 'clang' executable directly to run analyses. 'scan-build' and 'ccc-analyzer' will do the right thing by default.