Clang error - CPU feature not currently enabled

I'm trying to use clang to compile a file on Mac OS (x86_64) and get the following error.

<inline asm>:4:2: error: instruction requires a CPU feature not currently enabled
        jmp *%edx
fatal error: error in backend: Error parsing inline asm

This file does compile on an Ubuntu 32bit machine

I checked on google and didn't find anything helpful about it.
Does anyone know what CPU feature this instruction requires?


Sorry for the Subject mistake in the last email

I believe it’s failing on 64-bit because that’s a 32-bit indirect jump. 64-bit needs jmp *%rdx.

Most likely candidate for sure. Not a helpful error message though :frowning:


Yep. That diagnostic is terrible.

As of r167937 we get:

error: instruction requires: 32-bit mode
jmp *%edx


Hey cool, thanks!