clang expression parser question

Hey guys,

Zachary has this patch ( that removes the trimming of the 4th component of the triple when setting the compiler triple for an expression evaluation when the target exists and has a valid architecture.

This fixes an issue for him. I tested it on Linux x86_64 running a Linux x86_64 target while at a breakpoint. I also did the same test for MacOSX lldb running against a MacOSX x86_64 exe. In both cases, a “(lldb) expr 5*3” worked and produced expected results.

Are there any triple cases where the trimming of the 4th element is mandatory for the expression execution to work? I thought you might have a simulator/device where this is necessary to do. If so, we can conditionalize when we trim. The patch as is just removes the trimming altogether.


Wanted to ping about this since the review has been up for about 3 days. I’d like to get it in if possible, or make any necessary adjustments. Thanks!