Clang for Commercial Use


I am just wondering as to whether you happen to have any information as to whether your framework is suitable for commercial project and commercial use so for product development and product inclusion for sales? Also is it free or would I need to purchase some form of license for commercial purposes and usages? If anything I will probably have a detailed look at the information available on your website however just for confirmation it would be really useful and helpful to know.

If you happen to have any information then please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address that is or call me on my phone number that is 07735656777. Apologies in advance for any late or delayed emails or response messages on others forums or social media platform if any since at the moment I am behind schedule in terms of project work but will try to send you a response as soon as I can.



Please see
New LLVM Project License Framework

in .

And the following pages :
Apache License
Apache Licenses
University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License
BSD licenses

among others would be useful pages .

I am NOT a lawyer , therefore my views are NOT legal advice .

With respect to above license information , you can use LLVM / Clang freely ( without paying any royalty , etc. ) and without
getting ANY permission .


If you combine differently licensed parts and your own parts ( whether they have open source licenses or closed source )
there may exist serious legal issues due to these combinations .

Best action for solving such licensing problems , please , find a ( or some ) lawyer(s) specialized on SOFTWARE issues

( this requirement is vitally important ) , and seek their help due to your commercial requirements .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk