[clang-format] breaks code github issues label


I feel we should add a github label for items where clang-format mutates code to something that specifically doesn’t compile anymore. (as these feel like they should be a priority)

Any suggestions?

  • invalid-code-formatting?
  • invalid-code-generation?


invalid-code-generation seems OK to me. We’re already in clang-format context so no need for -formatting.
I thought about something shorter like just invalid-code but that might be ambiguous (was the input invalid?).
Other idea: breaks-code?

@mydeveloperday, I’m starting to use invalid-code-generation.
We can always rename the label if we have a better idea for the name.

I personally think that’s perfect, I just like the idea of us being able to triage issues which actually cause code to break (rather than just format it incorrectly)

Thanks for making the naming decision.