Clang-format breaks #include double quotes

Hi, I am a newbie for Clang-Format.

I use ./bin/clang-format -style=google -dump-config > .clang-format as my
base .clang-format.

Based on that, I changed some parameters for my customized demands.

However, after I change the column_limits from 80 to 0(I just want break the
lines using my personal decision), all my #include "header.h" become:

#include \

It's weird. I have be struggling with this for a whole day. But the problem
is still in there.

By the way, all my #include <head.h> do not have this problem

Could anyone give me some clue about this?

Thank you.

This has been fixed a few weeks ago, so upgrading to a later version should fix the issue.