[Clang-format] can't see warning message?

hello! I use clang-format-10 on my ubuntu terminal.
I have to use it with dry-run option because of some reasons.
Anyway when I ran like clang-format-10 --dry-run </path/to/source/code>
its output looks like

./test.c:425:9: warning: code should be clang-formatted [-Wclang-format-violations]
            TUESDAY = 333,

what I wonder is code should be clang-formatted statement.
I want to see more specific statement like Tab should not be used
I mean I want to see which rule is broken not code should be clang-formatted about all of warning code.
Is there any way that I can see more specific sentence?

I guess 9 means rule which is broken, but I cannot check which rule is broken