[clang-format] Contributing

I want to start contributing to clang-format, but looking through bugzilla it is hard to tell which bugs meet the contribution criteria and thus would be candidates for patch acceptance. Can someone senior either suggest some bugs that meet the criteria and/or mark them with a keyword or some other signifier?



Not sure what you mean by “which bugs meet the contribution criteria”? As in which bugs do the LLVM developers consider to be bugs and thus would want to fix?

We don’t really have any triage process - though usually invalid bugs get addressed/closed relatively quickly. So for the most part, open bugs are real bugs the LLVM community would be interested in contributions to address.

From https://clang.llvm.org/docs/ClangFormatStyleOptions.html the criteria is:

  • be used in a project of significant size (have dozens of contributors)

  • have a publicly accessible style guide

  • have a person willing to contribute and maintain patches

Many of the bugs, especially for enhancements, don’t have references to any of those things…so it’s unclear on whether patches implementing them will be accepted. If you’re saying patches will be accepted for all of them…good enough.


Oh, sorry - didn’t notice you were asking about clang-/format/ especially. Fair point(s) - really don’t know about that area. I guess looking for bugs rather than features - things that look clearly wrong even on the existing features - would be an easy way to find things to work on. (& if you want to work on feature enhancements - probably involves doing the work to see if the requests meet those criteria you mentioned)